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Welkom bij Jong KNCV! Wij zijn er voor alle jonge chemici, life scientists en procestechnologen, zowel tijdens hun mbo-, hbo- of wo-opleiding , als tijdens het begin van hun carrière in het onderwijs, onderzoek, overheid of industrie. Oftewel, welkom bij het grootste netwerk van jonge chemici in Nederland! Wat kunnen wij voor jou betekenen?

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Agenda Jong KNCV

  1. Batteries: Towards Sustainable Energy Storage Systems

    Avondlezing door prof.dr. Moniek Tromp georganiseerd door de Chemische Kring Midden Nederland.

    1 februari 2023 CKMN, KNCV, Carrousel, Jong KNCV
  2. Next Step Master Day

    The KNCV and LOBS organise a combined event: the Next Step Master Day!

    3 februari 2023 KNCV, Carrousel, Jong KNCV
  3. Lab Technology 2023

    Snel, Flexibel & Veilig - Laboratoriumtechnologie 2.0

    12 april 2023 SAC, KNCV, Carrousel, Jong KNCV
  4. IUPAC | CHAINS 2023

    During the conference, themed ‘Connecting Chemical Worlds’, we bring together all disciplines of chemistry.

    18 augustus 2023 KNCV, Carrousel, Jong KNCV, NVBMB
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During the conference, themed ‘Connecting Chemical Worlds’, we bring together all disciplines of chemistry, a diverse audience of chemists from both academia and industry, and from all around the globe. Apart from plenary and invited lectures, the congress will include parallel sessions with oral presentations, focus sessions and poster presentations by junior and senior researchers.

The conference consists of several parts, namely the 52nd IUPAC General Assembly (18-25 August 2023) and the 49th IUPAC World Chemistry Congress combined with the 11th edition of CHAINS, the largest chemistry congress from the Netherlands (20-25 August 2023).

IUPAC|CHAINS2023 is organized by the Royal Netherlands Chemical Society (KNCV) and the Dutch Research Council (NWO). The IUPAC World Chemistry Congress is organized biennially with recent previous editions in Sao Paolo (2017), Paris (2019) and digitally in Montreal (2021). In 2023 we expect to welcome you on location in The Hague to meet each other in person.

We look forward to meeting you and your fellow chemists around the globe during 2023 in the Netherlands. Let’s connect!

More information can be found on the website of the meeting.

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